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PACE21 - Passion, Achievement, Choice & Empowerment
for 21st Century Skills

Students map out their pathway through school with dedicated PAL (Pathways & Learning) leaders, who act as guides, facilitators and mentors. Students choose from a fantastic array of subjects designed to engage and challenge students, developing essential knowledge and skills for the senior years of schooling.

Each student has an Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) and a variety of support strategies are implemented to assist each student in achieving success.

We ENCOURAGE able and dedicated students to take on an early VCE.


We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students (once they turn 15) to take on subjects through VET certificates and

SWL (structured workplace learning).

We want our students to genuinely experience the world of work and to graduate with multiple certificates​​.

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Vertical structure of classes. types of subjects:

Core (Foundation) studies in Maths, English and PAL (Social Emotional Learning)

Deep learning electives. Integrated inquiry (project based) and explicit instruction (master classes).  Termly exhibitions of learning through portfolio

Specialist learning electives. These are not integrated and quite specific. For example, Wood Technology, Sculpture, Sport, Music etc.


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