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Originally known as Greenwood High, Bundoora Secondary College was established in 1971. 

The College is surrounded by parkland planted with native trees and shrubs, providing a picturesque atmosphere and plenty of summer shade. 


The ECA centre, of matching construction, was added some years later, and provides an excellent physical education, sporting, drama and recreational venue. The centre is hired outside school hours by community and sporting bodies, and is available for hire to the wider school community for private functions and parties.

All College buildings are heated throughout in winter and thanks to a generous donation from the Parents and Friends Association, ceiling fans have been installed in all classrooms. Most rooms are also air-conditioned in summer.

The central area of the College, the Canteen and Administration blocks are linked by a roof providing students with a large undercover shelter with tables and chairs. The two quadrangles have been redeveloped in recent times to provide attractive, functional outdoor shaded areas, conducive to students mixing in a tranquil setting. The College Council has approved a policy aimed at regular cyclic maintenance of these valuable facilities. Further development of outdoor passive and active use areas is continuing.

Library/Resource Centre

Our Resource centre underwent a major renovation in 2016. It is a communal space, with a large range of books, newspapers, information and research resources. It incorporates computerised borrowing, extensive audio/visual resources, computers, internet access, and photocopiers for student use. Students are able to use the quiet of the resource centre to their advantage during study periods if required.

The library is open from 8:30am until 4:00pm each day and students may use the library before school, during lunchtimes and after school, provided library staff are available to supervise.

Computer Facilities

Bundoora Secondary College supports a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program so that students can utilise their own equipment in the classroom. All students are expected to have a device and the school supports this program with leasing opportunities and purchase discounts.

The College has extensive computer facilities in recognition of the importance of computers within education and, indeed, within the wider community. All students, after agreeing to the ‘Internet Acceptable Use Policy’, will be provided with personal access to the internet. All students have access to the education cache that provides resources for class use.​ Specialist computer facilities are available in Graphics, Media and Music. Students are able to use the computer facilities across a range of subject areas during lunchtime, and after school (by arrangement). Senior students have access to an additional computer study room and computer pods (small groups of computers located adjacent to classrooms) have been constructed in strategic locations around the College.

The College Council recognises the importance of quality computer equipment to students who will no doubt use them in almost any occupation they choose these days and invests many thousands of dollars annually to continually improve these facilities.

Sporting Facilities

The extensive grounds surrounding Bundoora Secondary College provide ample space for the playing of outdoor sports such as cricket, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, hockey and archery. The ECA centre caters for all indoor sports including basketball, netball, badminton and table tennis, as well as Physical Education, gymnastics, weight training and a Drama Studio. In addition, the provision of a synthetic surface for two tennis courts has further enhanced the College’s sporting facilities.

Recreation Areas For Students

The College encourages its students to engage in recreational activities during recess and lunchtime. The extent of these activities is limited to the available resources and the extent to which appropriate “Duty of Care” can be exercised by supervising staff.

Supervised areas for recreational activities at lunchtime include:

  • The Library/Resource Centre – this facility is available to any student to borrow/return books, study and/or research, reading, completion of set work, the borrowing/use of board games and computer use.

  • Computer Room – one of the computer rooms (A6) is made available for senior student use during lunchtime for the purpose of completing class/home work, assignments, projects, SAC preparation/production/improving presentation of works (cover pages, etc.).

  • ECA Centre – available for student use for the second half of lunchtime. To use this facility students should arrange a booking with the Physical Education teacher rostered for duty at the ECA. On some occasions the centre may be reserved for sports practices.

  • Sports Equipment – this is available each day from the team offices. Equipment is signed out and is to be returned before the end of lunchtime.


The College has a responsibility to provide appropriate supervision for the welfare of its students and to ensure the available facilities remain in a satisfactory condition.

This map outlines the areas which are deemed out of bound and is visible to all staff and students in each classroom.


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