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Transport to and from Bundoora Secondary College is easily accessible across varying transport modes.

School Buses

Dysons Bus Service caters for Bundoora Secondary College students from Mill Park and Norris Bank. This service collects Bundoora Secondary College students exclusively and arrives and departs from the grounds of the College. Students travelling by buses should be familiar with the College Code of Behaviour for Safe Bus Travel. 

Morning Services

  • 8:20am – Mill Park: Departs from the corner of Mayfield Drive/Plenty Road. Travels around Mill Park Drive, out Mayfield Drive into Plenty Road and into school via Havelock Avenue.

  • 8:20am – Norris Bank: Departs from the corner of Oxley Avenue/Plenty Road. Travels via Oxley Road, Tasman Drive, Taunton Drive, down Plenty Road into McLeans Road. Turns into Settlement Road, Plenty Road and arrives at school via Moreton Crescent Avenue.

Afternoon Services

  • 3.25pm – Mill Park Mayfield Drive Run: Travels to Bundoora tram terminus/Shops via Plenty Road and Oxley Avenue, Tasman Drive and Taunton Drive. It will then continue along Plenty Road to Mayfield Drive, travelling around Mill Park Drive into Doomben Drive and Childs Road to the last drop off at The Stables at Redleap Avenue.

  • 3.25pm – Norris Bank: Travels directly to Settlement Road at St Damian’s with drop offs along Settlement Road. McLeans Road is the last drop off before Plenty Road.

  • 3.30pm – Travels directly along Plenty Road to Child’s Road, via Mayfield Drive, continuing along Redleap Avenue to Centenary Drive and on to Plenty Road.

Public Transport

Hurstbridge trains arrive at Watsonia Station; students can then catch a connecting bus to Greenwood Drive. Trams on Route 86 (RMIT/Docklands) stop at the intersection of Plenty Road and Greenwood Drive, just a 10-minute walk to the college.

A number of buses are also available:

  • Route 568: Watsonia Station – Kingsbury (via Greenwood Drive)

  • Route 560 Greensborough Station – Broadmeadows (via Grimshaw Street) *

  • Route 566: Greensborough Station – Lalor Station (via Mill Park Stables) *

  • Route 563/4: La Trobe University – Mill Park (via Plenty Road)

  • Route 562: Regent Station – Whittlesea (via Plenty Road)

* Buses stop at Balaka Place, just a 10-minute walk to the college.


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