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Entry Level students are well supported in their transition to Secondary College from Primary School.

At Bundoora Secondary College, we understand the importance of a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school. We support our students throughout the entire transition school.

The learning program is designed to build upon the style of learning experience in primary school AND prepare them for the style of learning in some of the PACE classes- that is, INQUIRY, INTERDISCIPLINARY, INTEGRATED with real world scenarios.


We deliberately reduce the amount of teachers via the creation of the new themed subjects, which further supports the smooth transition to the school environment.  In this way, students feel supported and develop positive, authentic relationships with the staff members who teach and guide them.


The journey begins before they start their first day of secondary school we engage them in a variety of ways such as:

  • VIP Day: An Orientation day for students who will be attending BSC without other students from their Primary school cohort. This day is an opportunity for these students to meet and create connections in a smaller group setting before the official state-wide Orientation day for all incoming Entry students.

  • Information evening: A night to meet key staff and the Principal class to gain further information after enrolment. An opportunity for parents and students to ask questions and understand more about the secondary college experience.

  • State-wide Orientation day: A day for all incoming Entry students to get to know the school and experience a day of secondary school. Students participate in hands-on activities related to a range of subject areas. They follow a secondary school timetable and engage in a number of Pastoral Care activities to get to know their new cohort and school environment.


At the start of the school year, all Entry students begin with just their cohort and the Graduate students to help them get to know their new school environment. On this first day they meet their PAL teacher, who will become their primary point of contact for any issues or concerns throughout the year. At the end of the first term, a Transition Camp is held for all Entry students to allow students to get to know other members of their cohort outside of their class groups. During this camp, students are also challenged to step outside their comfort zone and support their peers through a number of physical activities such as abseiling, canoeing, raft-building and more. All of these activities and more are designed to support students and families to smoothly integrate into the BSC community.                         

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