"Empowering a lifelong love of learning, to thrive in a rapidly changing world"


At Bundoora Secondary College, we've thrown 'traditional' out the window. 

With a focus on capabilities over curriculum, our mission is to prepare students for success not only academically, but also personally and professionally. 

That's why we've moved beyond a traditional model of learning to a more contemporary approach, where each student can be led by their passions and interests rather than the rigid guidelines of conventional subjects. 

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Message from the Principal

At BSC, and since the beginning of 2018, we are embedding student-centred learning with a focus on authentic student empowerment and personalised learning pathways. 


Our core purpose is to empower students so that they 'Take control' of their learning and their lives. We work together to help them find and use their voice, discover and enhance their passions and  foster the growth and development of the whole person so each student can thrive and contribute positively in the rapidly changing, globally connected digital age.

Our philosophy is that students learn best and are better prepared for the challenges of life when they take control and ownership of 'their choices'. They take control of their decision making, learning pathways and learning methods.  Education is not 'done to them', we are active partners in learning.

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We have teamed up with the champions of contemporary education.  Bundoora SC is a member of Future Schools Alliance, and BigPicture Education. With these partnerships will be a leading light in  personalizing for our students. . Exciting times ahead as we continue to embrace, refine and embed the system in our learning community.

Come on a College tour and find out more. 

Principal Anestis

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