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At Bundoora Secondary College, and since the beginning of 2018, we are embedding student-centred learning with a focus on authentic student empowerment and personalised learning pathways. 

Our core purpose is to empower students so they 'Take control' of their learning and their lives. We work together to help our students find and use their voice, discover and enhance their passions and foster the growth and development of the whole person, so each student can thrive and contribute positively in the rapidly changing, globally connected digital age.

Flexibility in Learning

Students at BSC are not bound by the traditional year level classes. The school is broken into Entry Year, PACE21 and VCE/VCAL. This vertical offering of subjects creates student’s choice and provides flexibility in the learning program ensuring that all students are engaged in their learning at their point of interest and challenged at their point of need. 

The vertical offering and new learning structures support greater degrees of personalised learning. This means that  students have a real choice in their education.

In a traditional schooling model, students have to study all areas of the curriculum, whether interested in those areas or not. It assumes that ‘one size fits all’: that all students will need, and should have, the same knowledge and skills for the future. Additionally, many ‘elective’ subjects such as the arts and physical education are often undervalued in schools and can be given very little time and resources. Bundoora Secondary College has moved away from this traditional view of education in an effort to give our students the world class education they deserve.

YES as the default

Our students are happy and thrive in the relaxed yet orderly setting we provide across the Entry Year, PACE21 and VCE/VCAL. Young people flourish when their wellbeing is nurtured, when encouraged to explore pathway options, broad ranging opportunities through which to express their curiosity, creativity, passions and strengths, and when they are empowered to take control of their own learning journey. Bundoora Secondary College philosophy embraces 'yes' as the default (unless it takes too much time, too much money or negatively impacts on someone else). With our vertical curriculum structure, regardless of age, students may select ANY SUBJECT including VCE units.

A Dedicated Team

Every student will be supported in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development by a highly professional and dedicated group of teachers, and education support staff.


Discover the Bundoora Difference

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