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Urban Agriculture


Urban farming is flourishing at BSC!

We are SUPER excited to share our latest addition to our amazing Urban Agriculture & Conservation Program. Over the past two days we have unloaded 44 Foodcubes that are at the peak of their production – just check out the photos and all those vibrant vegetables! These picturesque garden beds have come straight from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show where they have been on display for the last week.


What is a Foodcube? They are raised wicking garden beds made from 80% recycled plastic. Each bed holds over 100L of water so they only need watering once a fortnight during the hottest summers. To learn more about these innovative garden beds check out the following video: Introduction to Foodcube (


We are thrilled to have been able to work with #Foodcube and #Bio Gro over the past week and thank them for their generous support. Watch out for future posts as we begin the big harvest!

Check them out below:

Yes, you read right - we have a farm! We have two locations for housing the animals at BSC, both located on our school grounds. 

The animals, which currently include goats, chickens, and ducks, are well looked after and fed twice daily (including weekends). We have them as pets and love them dearly - read on to learn about how our Farm Program will educate students through agricultural practices and interactions with the animals!

What is the Farm Program?

The Farm Program is designed to provide BSC students with opportunities to learn agricultural science, environmental science, technology, engineering and mathematics through experience with and exposure to agricultural practices, with a focus on sustainability. 


The vision for the program is to extend it beyond the classroom to include animal therapy, sustainability    education and fostering positive relationships between students and the animals.

Why Have a Farm Program?

The agricultural industry in Victoria is the largest in Australia and has experienced significant growth in the last decade. This will only continue to grow as the demand for food/fibre production continues to increase, creating a need for more productivity and research in the agriculture sector.


Implementing this Farm Program will provide our students with opportunities to explore different aspects of agricultural practice. Not only will this enable practical STEM learning for our students, it will also introduce students to many and varied career opportunities the agriculture industry has to offer.


With close proximity to La Trobe University and Melbourne Polytechnic (which both offer agricultural tertiary courses), Bundoora Secondary College is in a great position to offer such a program.


Discover the Bundoora Difference

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