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Yes, you read right - we have a farm! We have two locations for housing the animals at BSC, both located on our school grounds. 

The animals, which currently include goats, chickens, rabbits and a rooster, are well looked after and fed twice daily (including weekends). We have them as pets and love them dearly.

Read on to learn about how our Farm Program will educate students through agricultural practices and interactions with the animals!


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what is the farm program?

The Farm Program is designed to provide BSC         students with opportunities to learn                          agricultural science, environmental                             science, technology, engineering and                        mathematics through experience with                    and exposure to agricultural practices,                     with a focus on sustainability. 


                  The vision for the program is to                                  extend it beyond the classroom to                            include animal therapy, sustainability                     education and fostering                                             positive relationships between students                and the animals.

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why have a farm program?

The agricultural industry in Victoria is the largest 

in Australia and has experienced significant 

growth in the last decade. This will only 

continue to grow as the demand for food/

fibre production continues to increase, 

creating a need for more productivity and

research in the agriculture sector.

Implementing this Farm Program will

provide our students with opportunities

to explore different aspects of

agricultural practice. Not only will this

enable practical STEM learning for our

students, it will also introduce students to

many and varied career opportunities the

agriculture industry has to offer.

With close proximity to La Trobe University and

Melbourne Polytechnic (which both offer

agricultural tertiary courses), Bundoora Secondary

College is in a great position to offer such a program.

when is the farm program          commencing?

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In our current climate, it's difficult to plan for     the future not knowing what school will              look like. However, our current vision is for          subjects to integrate with the Farm                     Program from the beginning of 2021.


         Planning is also underway for a Centre             for Environment and Sustainable                      Agricultural Practices to be built on the           school premises. Watch this   space!