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Our adoption of the Take Control Model & BIG PICTURE education has seen the introduction of new learning structures to support personalised learning.

Students at BSC are not bound by the traditional year level classes.  The vertical offering of subjects creates student choice and provides flexibility in the learning program ensuring that all students are engaged in their learning at their point of interest and challenged at their point of need.

Learning Pace and Structure

The pathway our students choose should be driven by the kind of learner they are and their areas of interest. There is flexibility within all programs to explore areas that are not within the usual parameters of that course. For example, students undertaking a VCAL pathway may elect to take some VCE subjects as part of it. We encourage students to reflect regularly on their subject and program choices and continue to monitor whether or not they are leading to where they want to go. As ‘guides on the ride’, the staff at BSC look forward to many conversations with our students as they find their way and ‘make their mark on the future.’

Students are able to undertake VCE studies at any age, provided they have a realistic chance of successful completion and their participation in the class is unlikely to negatively impact on other students. The majority of students at Bundoora will be working towards a VCE qualification, but some will also be working towards a VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) qualification or an Alternative University Entrance Pathway which is far more flexible and largely project based.

Learning Pathways

Subject selection and pathways plans are completed individually with you and your parents, through course counselling and guidance, to enhance successful outcomes for all. The SSPs map out your passions, needs, interests and pathway and because of this, are the guiding documentation for your time at BSC.  Your PAL leader and Head of House are important guides, mentors and advocates in this process. Weekly PAL sessions ensure that you can raise any concerns about your pathway with those who know you best and also celebrate growth, achievement and milestones together.

There are high expectations for learning, with everyone in the community accountable for learning, growth and achievement.  This is reported against curriculum disciplines from the relevant Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) achievement standards and the BSCi (BSC Great Student matrix).  This matrix is a grid of the essential skills required to thrive in the 21C.

Our learning program is aimed at developing (these 21C) transferable skills and personal characteristics which are valued across the globe. These skills are ones such as critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, persistence, empathy, 21st century literacies… everything on the BSCi falls into this category.

Student Empowerment and Choice

Student voice and empowerment is very important to us and we encourage you to utilise the many opportunities to have a say in school programs, structures, processes and culture. We also encourage you to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, links with the wider community and the 21st century notion of ‘Anytime, Anywhere, learning.

With the exception of Maths and English, students create their entire learning program from the wide range of electives. With guidance and nurturing from the PALLS (pathways and learning leaders) they have opportunities to accelerate their learning and turn their pathway dreams into reality. Innovation and revolution at Bundoora Secondary College.


Discover the Bundoora Difference

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