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The school council supports the principal to provide the b​​est possible educational outcomes for students.

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The Council is responsible for setting and communicating policies and direction in relation to local curriculum issues, resources allocation, the cash budget, maintenance and improvements to buildings, grounds and facilities and reporting to the College community.

About the College Council

The College Council meets on the third Monday of every month during the school year (meetings do not occur during the school holidays, if a scheduled meeting falls in the school holidays it lapses rather than being re-scheduled).


The composition of the Council, whose term of office is from April 1 to March 31 of the following year, is:

  • Six Parent members

  • Five DET-employed members (including the Principal), and

  • Four Co-opted (community) members


The six-parent member positions and the 5 DET member positions are to be filled through an election process, except for the Principal who is automatically one of the DET members. The principal is the Executive Officer of the College Council.  The co-opted members are filled at the Council’s discretion. One co-opted position is routinely allocated to students representing the Student Leadership Group. This is a shared position which carries a single vote in council debates.


All members hold office for two-year terms. Elections for half the members are held before 31st March each year and prior to the Council’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held prior to the March Council meeting. The College always welcomes any expressions of interest by parents or members of the College community in being involved in any way with the management tasks.


Committees of College Council

The Council of Bundoora operates through a Committee system as a means of carrying out its various functions. These Committees are made up of Councillors and seconded members with membership reflecting parent, teacher and student views in any policy developments and recommendations that are made to Council.


The following Committees operate:

  • Finance – 3rd Monday of the month (prior to the Council meeting)

  • Facilities – 2nd Monday of the month

  • Education – 1st Monday of the month

  • Leadership and Strategic Implementation – as required

If you would like to know more about the College Council, please contact us during School hours.


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