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At Bundoora Secondary College, our curriculum has a blend of academic and vocational options. We not only challenge our students but we encourage and reward persistence and good work ethic. Our students are empowered in their learning by choosing their subjects based on interest and curiosity.

Since our adoption of the 'Take Control Model' in 2017 and creation of the Big Picture Academy in 2020 Bundoora Secondary College is writing exciting new chapters of student-centered learning, with a focus on authentic and individualised pathways. These approaches has removed many of the traditional restrictions placed on student learning, and instead encourages them to ‘take the steering wheel’, owning what is learnt and where they are heading to.

Take Control Empowerment Model

As a member of the Bundoora Secondary College community, following the 'Take Control empowerment model',students are no longer bound by traditional year level classes.  Click here for a snapshot of what it's like to be a Bundoora Secondary College student for the day...

The College places a greater emphasis on student pathways than outcomes, supporting students to pursue alternatives to the traditional modes of study if this is more suitable. Although we highly value academic excellence, we equally value the development of creative, compassionate and caring global citizens. 

Students may undertake a VCE subject from Year 8 onwards if they possess the skills and disposition to study at this level. The College also offers a fully supported VCAL program for those who wish to undertake a vocational pathway rather than further academic study at the end of their schooling.

A number of VET studies and first year university subjects are on offer, as well as the encouragement and support to pursue learning off-campus.

A large range of VCE subjects are available to study and course counselling is a mandatory part of our program at all levels to equip students with the necessary knowledge to pursue their interests and ambitions.

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