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Bundoora Secondary College offers a sport industry and athlete pathway, enabling our students to pursue their personal best in their chosen sport or activity. 

The program aims to;

  • Build athlete development

  • Embrace healthy active living

  • Offer experiences to students to help them develop their career pathways

The Core Focus

Foster student interest and passion around sport as a vehicle to engage and promote life long learning and connectedness. We consider this program to be incredibly valuable for the students involved, assisting them to unlock and further develop their skills and strengths. It is a supportive forum where students can meet and connect with other like-minded students as they work toward similar goals and help motivate each other.

An Empowering Program

Students can delve into any aspect of health and physical activity through personalised projects in our deep learning subjects. Students enjoy access to many facilities on campus, plus La Trobe's Sports Centre and nearby sporting and recreational centres.

Extending Beyond Sport

This new and exciting program extends well beyond sport to include nutrition, pathways, wellbeing and leadership!


Discover the Bundoora Difference

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