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Bundoora Secondary College is being supported to develop a ‘whole school approach’ to building sustainability into the fabric of everyday school and community life.

Bundoora Secondary College is committed to creating a learning environment which informs students about sustainability but also encourages them to take control and create a more sustainable future.

As of 2023 the Bundoora Green team has started undertaking the Resource Smart Schools modules, with the goal of becoming a 5 start sustainability school! 

We are currently undertaking our CORE, WASTE and BIODIVERSITY audit. Our green team leaders are busy learning how to improve our sustainability and bring our green goals to life! Watch this space for updates! 


Here at Bundoora Secondary College, we pay tribute to the invaluable contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the realm of sustainability. Honour the profound connection between these indigenous cultures and the well-being of our environment.

Recognizing the time-honoured wisdom embedded within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions, offering a holistic understanding of the land's intricate balance. From resource management techniques to profound spiritual connections with nature, these cultures have long held the keys to sustainable coexistence.

Celebrate the stewardship practices that have been passed down through generations, showcasing how these communities have managed and preserved their lands for thousands of years. Their deep respect for nature and commitment to responsible resource usage set a powerful example for contemporary sustainability efforts.



Explore an inclusive approach to environmental harmony that bridges ancient wisdom and contemporary sustainability practices.






























The Kulin Calendar, deeply rooted in the indigenous heritage of the Kulin Nations, offers profound connections between nature, seasons, and people. Delve into a holistic understanding that interweaves traditional ecological knowledge with modern sustainability principles.

The people of the Kulin nation lived their lives according to their own of markings of the changing seasons. Seven Wurundjeri seasons are described in Woiwurrung traditions[1]:

  • Biderap, Dry Season (Jan-Feb)

  • Iuk, Eel Season (March)

  • Waring, Wombat Season (April-July)

  • Guling, Orchid Season (Aug)

  • Poorneet, Tadpole Season (Sept-Oct)

  • Buarth Gurru, Grass Flowering Season (Nov)

  • Garrawang, Kangaroo-Apple Season (Dec)

Discover the art of aligning with the land by decoding the intricate rhythms of nature, as inherited from generations past. Uncover the significance of shifting seasons, celestial occurrences, and natural cycles in shaping sustainable behaviors.

This program paves the way for the Koorie perspective to illuminate a path towards greater environmental equilibrium. By engaging with Kulin Calendar teachings, you'll be empowered to make mindful choices that nurture both the planet and its inhabitants.

Join us in forging a future where cultural wisdom and contemporary sustainability unite. Embrace the potential of integrating the Koorie perspective into sustainability efforts, fostering a world where nature flourishes, and heritage is celebrated.

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