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Bundoora Secondary College aims to develop graduates who are well-rounded individuals with multiple options and strong values to guide their conduct in the school and broader community.

Our pathway options let our young people learn and grow in a way that best cater to their strengths and interests.

Completed VCE to their highest possible standard


Completed Vocational Education qualifications


Undertaken experiential learning in the form of SWL, Traineeship, Internship or Apprenticeship


Started their own business. Self sufficient


Active member of the community: Volunteer, Committees, Sporting organisations


Consistent with the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008) our mission is to provide a broad and challenging education in order to develop students' 21st Century Skills, abilities and knowledge needed as a foundation for further education, training, work and community participation.  This specifically involves development of Character, Foundations and Competencies.

Bundoora Secondary College strongly believes in the importance of laying a foundation that cultivates lifelong, self-directed learning that starts at an early age. While much of the discourse on lifelong learning focuses on the later stages of life, it is actually the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes acquired during the early life-stages that provide the foundation for the lifelong learning habit. Schools that truly embrace this philosophy, like Bundoora Secondary College, are pivotal organisations for laying such foundations.

Bundoora Secondary College curriculum, learning experiences and overall environment is centred around fostering the skills and mindset of self-directed lifelong learning, with 21st century competencies strategically interwoven through the learning experiences.

Effective dispositions for learning are a key to success, along with the development of ‘21st century’ skills, attributes and characteristics. It is these dispositions and skills that we value most highly and they are therefore given a central place in the classroom and all structures and processes at Bundoora Secondary College.


Discover the Bundoora Difference

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