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Learning an instrument develops concentration, assists academic achievement and builds strong social connections.

Students are offered a variety of ensembles, including a variety of small instrumental ensembles, jazz bands, contemporary rock bands, production band and large vocal ensembles.  The music department organises many performance opportunities for our music students to be a part of such as the School Production, Music Camp, primary school workshops and performances, Celebration of Success Evening, school open and information evenings, the Art Show, primary school band tours and NWVR School of Rock.

An Engaging Music program

Bundoora Secondary College has a practical, engaging Music program for students from Entry to Graduate. As well as being great fun in itself, we have found that learning an instrument at Bundoora Secondary College develops concentration, assists academic achievement and builds strong social connections.

The practical and authentic skills and knowledge gained through the participation of our instrumental music program can also be applied into other music electives. These electives include Songwriting and Recording, Music Performance, Electronic Music and DJing, Sound Design, Visual Music, Live Sound and Lighting, Tour iTunes and VET VCE Music.


The Music Department is offering an Instrumental Music Block for PACE21 students to opt into. The instrumental music block functions like an PACE21 elective and will allow for 3 x 75minute music periods during a week. During these periods, students will have their structured lesson with their music teacher, have structured individual and small group practice time, allow student to develop their own repertoire and skills with other students and allow for full band rehearsals on a regular weekly basis.

35-minute lessons are offered during students’ regular classes during the day. Our students are placed within a rotating timetable so he or she does not miss out on the same class every week. Tuition is conducted in small groups with a qualified, instrumental specialist on Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Baritone), Vocals, Guitar (Electric and Acoustic), Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium and Drum-kit or Percussion.

The lessons and room availability have been heavily subsidised by the Education Department and the school however there are still some relatively small costs involved in administering the program and hiring the instruments. Payment plans are available through the main office. Instrumental music lessons cost $200 a year, which includes instrument hire. For Entry Music students, there will not be a lesson fee. VET Music students will only pay for the VET fees and lessons will be included in that cost.

The aim of the Bundoora Secondary College Instrumental Music Program is to allow as many students the opportunity of enjoying music through learning a musical instrument and playing in a band, and that no child be disadvantaged through financial circumstances.


Discover the Bundoora Difference

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