Youth Ambassador Conference

Late last year I was chosen as one of 16 students from around Australia to be a Youth Leadership Ambassador on UN Youth Australia's Aotearoa Leadership Tour for 2017. I was on the tour over the course of the July holidays and it was all about indigenous rights and reconciliation within Australia and New Zealand.


The tour began with myself and all of the other delegates meeting in Sydney to get to know each other and kick off our experience. Over our 4 days in Sydney we had the opportunity to attend a NAIDOC festival, have multiple consultations with important people, visit the National law courts and we began with workshops to dive into learning about indigenous rights and culture in our nation.

From Sydney our delegation flew to Auckland; our first stop to investigating the reconciliation efforts of one of our closest neighbours. While in Auckland we continued to take part in workshops to identify the steps forward in reconciliation. One of the most inspiring places we visited were the treaty grounds of Waitangi in the bay of Islands.


Once our time in Auckland was over, it was time to head to our last stop of Wellington. During our time in the capital city of New Zealand, we were lucky enough to meet with both the Attorney General and the senior political advisor to the Maori party in the Beehive and Parliament House.


The last 4 days of our 2 week long tour were spent and the NZ Model UN Conference. Myself and the other 250 odd delegates that were selected to attend the conference, were assigned to represent a country and we spent our time debating different topics and resolutions that affect our world today. 


I'm so grateful that I was able to be a part of this amazing tour and so humbled to have met and grown with so many intelligent, inspiring, like minded people who are ready to make a change in the world.