Year 8 LaTrobe Day

On Tuesday the 8th of May, the year 8’s went on an excursion to Latrobe University for cohort day. The year 8’s were split into two groups to do different activities.

The first activity my group completed was to play a game where the aim was to guess what job the person in the middle had. After that activity in the same groups we were given a map to follow, and answer questions around the campus about different artworks.

 We finished up around noon and then we had our lunch break.

After our lunch break we had to walk up some stairs and it was very tiring and we ended up in a room and learned about robots and machines.

After the presentation we got to play with tank treaded robots controlled by laptops, we got to practice a little bit then we got tested by driving them through an obstacle course while being timed and we played a mini soccer game. 

We had lots of fun on the day and a lot of us learned about the different opportunities of going to University.

By: Alyssa Aquino, Year 8.