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'Empowering a lifelong love of learning that enables students to thrive in a rapidly changing world'


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Our core purpose of this College is to provide a broad and challenging education in order to develop students' 21st Century skills, abilities and knowledge needed as a foundation for further education, training, work and community participation.  A Bundoora education will provide every student with the opportunity to develop their talents, to nurture a passion and to grow in confidence about their future.  Every student will be supported in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development by a highly professional group of teachers and education support staff.


Our philosophy

Yes is the default

Provided choices are not harmful to self or others, or carry excessive financial burden, our policy is that ‘the default is yes.’ With our vertical curriculum structure, regardless of age, students may select ANY SUBJECT including VCE units. This creates flexibility, ensuring that learners can be challenged at an appropriate level for your point of need and interests, rather than being restricted by age boundaries. ‘Harm’ could be defined as restricting your options to a very narrow pathway, which is why there are a number of checkpoints in place to ensure your decisions have been through a rigorous process of advice and consultation with others.

Our Values

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