2017 Swimming Carnival

The BSC Swimming carnival was held on Friday, the 24th of February at Coburg Olympic Pool. The attendance was great considering the miserly weather. We would like to say a big thank-you to all the staff for helping and making it possible. Also congratulations to all the students that participated and earned points for their team. Like all things there has to be a winner and on the day and Omega smashing it out of the park up with a huge 428 points, and a less committed Phoenix on 205 points.



Highest Individual Point Scores


Yr 7      1st         Cory Fenton (14 points)                           2nd        Jacob Delany (10 points)

            1st         Lily Walters (26 points)                             2nd        Billie Evans (20 points)

Yr 8      1st         Lachie Anderson (36 points)                    2nd        Brody Workmann (23 points)

            1st         Makayla O’Keefe (40 points)                    2nd        Erin Roberts (22 points)

Yr 9      1st         Connor McCall (20 points)                       2nd        Tyson Ferguson (8 points)

            1st         Olivia Kirby (30 points)                             2nd        Elli Harvey (8 points)

Yr 10    1st         Jonathon Tomlinson (30 points)               2nd        Riley Wills 232 points)

            1st         Amber Morton-Iddles (28 points)             2nd        Courtney Joyce (10 points)

Yr 12    1st         Marcus Kirby (10 points)                          2nd        Izaak Long (8 points)

            1st         Molly Edwards (10 points)           


Highlights of the day were the high numbers of senior students who competed and dressed up on the day.


Winners of the best dressed were: Bay Watch Babe (Jeen.Duangthong) and Bedazzled (Felicia Taylor, Maddison Coall and Demi Davis)


Photos/Videos of the day and are accessible on our school website.

Goodbye until next year!                                                  


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