The Lorax - School Production

Megan Drummond Yr 12

Acting in the production has been a great way to make friends and get closer with people in different year levels as you, it helped me become more confident in my speaking and giving ideas as I was really shy in year 7. I am glad I did the production it's a great experience 


Ishrat Zaman Yr 10

Production is always one of the most memorable parts of the year. The friendships, the skills and the memories made are invaluable. This is my second year of production and it was a great experience. I got to interact with people I normally wouldn't have, I got to experience a different part of school and every year, everyone involved in production become a very close little family. The three days of shows we do is always my favourite. We are all very tired afterwards but the vibes and performing and having all our hard work pay off is always a great feeling. It is a pretty big commitment throughout the year but it's worth it and it's always a fun experience.