Principal's Message

"We are a diverse and inclusive community. We live by our school values Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Relationships and Rigour."

At BSC, and since the beginning of 2018, we are embedding student-centred learning with a focus on authentic student empowerment and personalised learning pathways. 


Our core purpose is to empower students so that they 'Take control' of their learning and their lives. We work together to help them find and use their voice, discover and enhance their passions and  foster the growth and development of the whole person so each student can thrive and contribute positively in the rapidly changing, globally connected digital age.

Our philosophy is that students learn best and are better prepared for the challenges of life when they take control and ownership of 'their choices'. They take control of their decision making, learning pathways and learning methods.  Education is not 'done to them', we are active partners in learning.


Students at BSC are not bound by the traditional year level classes. The school is broken into Entry Year, PACE21 and VCE/VCAL. This vertical offering of subjects creates student’s choice and provides flexibility in the learning program ensuring that all students are engaged in their learning at their point of interest and challenged at their point of need. For example, students in the middle years may undertake subjects from the traditional suite of subjects as well as from the College’s Parallel, Pre VCE, VCE or VCAL programs. With our new vertical curriculum structure, students based on the level they are working at rather than traditional year levels based on age.

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Every student will choose a PAL (Pathways and Learning) leader from the teachers at BSC. The PAL will be their essential guide through their learning journey.  They, in partnership with family, will support each of their students in their overall growth and development.  PALS track learning, engagement, connection to the school and friendships and provide subject selection advice in accordance with co-developed learning plans to enhance and ensure successful outcomes for each student. The individual learning plans allow students to set goals and targets and cater for each student’s passions, needs and interests.


Rigour and high expectations are core values that are necessary ingredients under the 'take control' philosophy.  Students self assess and their teachers assess their development against the BSC Great Student (21st century skills matrix).  The matrix contains key 21C skills that highlight to students the pathways to success. We recognise that learning can be challenging and students will encounter setbacks. We do not accept the language of 'can not', instead we instil a belief in our students that it is a journey and 'you might not be able to do it YET'- this is called developing a growth mindset.


We are a diverse and inclusive community. We live by our school values Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Relationships and Rigour (the 5 Rs). We provide a variety of opportunities for student voice at BSC such as a Student Leadership council, student lead tours, hosting of assemblies, the holding of positions on College Council. At Bundoora students have an authentic voice into the everyday decision making at the school.


Please take a few minutes to explore the information contained in our website. You will find that our goal is to instil the love of learning, so that every student may become a life-long learner. 

We encourage you to become involved in your child’s education as a full partner of our learning community. We believe the best schools know the needs and hopes of their students and supports them to make their mark on the world.


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Anesti Anestis

Principal - Bundoora Secondary College