Kryal Castle Visit

We got on the buses for an hour trip. When we got to Kryal Castle we took a class photo on the steps and then entered the castle.

When we went inside we placed our bags down in a room and went to the torture chamber. We entered, there was a guy named Matthew who was our tour guide, he told us all about the torture techniques. It was disgusting but fascinating.

After that we went to the thrones of the king and queen. Our tour guide told us about the feudal system and how they lived back in the Middle Ages.

Before lunch we had a birds of prey show. The bird, a kestrel,  flew around all over our heads. It was awesome. My favourite was the owl because it had nice feathers.

Then we had lunch and some free time. The first place we went to was the maze. We got through quickly.

After free time we had sword fighting. We were split into teams and had to protect our king.

It was then home time - we went on the buses home. We got caught up in roadworks so got back late.

Kyle Cogley and Jordan Ellery