Germany Trip

As some of you may know, on the 12th of March ten Bundoora students left Australia for the 2017 German Trip. Our visit lasted two weeks, in which we travelled to some famous German cities and immersed ourselves in German culture.

Starting in Münich, the capital and largest city in Bavaria. The hours long flight would soon prove itself worth the wait, as we observed the beautiful streets of Münich in all its glory. We had three days to tour around the large city. Visiting the new town hall by the Marienplatz, where we stopped to hear the fifth largest clock in Europe; located in the tall tower. But then it was time to see a less beautiful side of Germany. We visited Dachau to see a former concentration camp. It was a very tragic place and I think we all learned something from it. Then it was time to visit a palace. The Schloss Nymphenburg, in the past it served as a home for the rulers of Bavaria. It was a sight to behold, the extreme wealth of its past owners showing in every gold plated detail.

The next city on the list was Rothenburg. This cute little town looked as if it was straight out of a fairy tale. It got its charm from its medieval structure and design. During the highly enjoyable night watchman tour, we learned that Rothenburg went bankrupt as an after effect of the plague. Due to Rothenburgs poorness, they could not afford to update the town; soon becomong famous for its medieval appearance. It was a delught to explore this town.

We spent one night in Nurnberg, getting to look around for a day before moving on to Berlin. Berlin seemed to exhibit many more modern characteristics. When we arrived we were met by our enthusiastic tour guide and had a drive around Berlin. We had some of the most delicious restaurant meals in Berlin. During our stay we visited the Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust memorial, the Stasi Mueseum, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin has had an unfortunate history with war and to this day the evidence is left as a reminder of the grief war brings, we saw many examples of this.

Then we finished up with Heidelberg. It was a great way to finish off the trip. The gorgeous Neckar river running through the city and the remains of an old castle in the background. We spent our last day on a lovely shopping trip and finally got to taste the famous currywurst and spaghetti eis we had been hearing so much about.

There were many highlights on this trip and it was hard to name just a few. All of us had a memorable two weeks and will miss Germany spectacular views.

Thank you to everyone who helped in making our adventure a successful one.

Kawana Burns, Year 11

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