German Day Out

Wednesday the 26th of July was a day full of culture and information for the Year 10 German class. We began the day by arriving at school a little bit earlier than usual, and then we headed to the city in order to visit the German Day Out forum at Melbourne Town Hall. As we arrived to the city with a bit of time to spare before the forum began, we decided to visit the Lindt café, a German business, and  we then made our way to the Town Hall. At the convention, we were amongst hundreds of German students across Melbourne and we learnt about the benefits of studying a language at school as well as the many, many opportunities that come with it, such as the SAGSE Scholarship and various exchange opportunities.

After this, we went to the Swiss Club of Victoria for our lunch. We had some very different and interesting meals as it was Swiss food that we hadn’t really come across before, such as sour cream in our desserts! After our lunch, we went to the Block Arcade, a beautiful heritage shopping precinct, where we saw a few more German businesses and got an understanding of how big of a role Germany does have, even in Australia.

Overall, it was a very interesting and eventful day where I’m sure many of our German students learnt a lot about Germany and about the benefits of studying a language especially at a VCE and university level.

Written by Ishrat Zaman.