Garden Club

Each Wednesday afternoon is ‘Club time’ for all Year 8, 9 and 10.

We talked to Ms. Nicholls and she helped us start up the ‘Gardening Club’.

As a group, we decided to fix up the garden outside the library. We wanted a nice space for students to sit and have their lunch, and students could sit outside on a nice day and read.

It was a really neglected and untidy area and it took us a long time to tidy it up and take out the old pavers, which made the ground uneven. This was the hard work, we all decided that we would ‘hate doing this for a job’ everyday!

Rose helped us to get Bunnings on board and I wrote a letter to Bunnings asking for some help as we didn’t have any money. They were great! They donated some plants and told us the best area to plant them in, and they gave us some tools.

Each Wednesday we have a meeting to work out what we need to do and we have started to work on other areas in the school. We all love working outside and it was really good to see the way the library garden turned out-it made us feel proud.

Angus Walters.