Cuckoo Restaurant Excursion

On Friday the 18th of August, the students who are currently learning German as well as a couple of year 11 students went to the Cuckoo restaurant which is famed in all of Victoria for having authentic Bavarian food as well as immersing the customer in traditional German music and dancing.

On the morning of the 18th the students piled onto the bus and prepared themselves for the bus trip to the Dandenong Mountains. Throughout the bus ride excitement grew as Herr Verhoeven promised yodeling, Wurst (sausages) and dancing. Once we arrived we were instantly engulfed by the smells and sounds of Germany. With a great buffet in front of us and a man playing the accordion filling our ears with the sweet sounds of the instrument.

Once we were seated, we were invited to try our entrée of soup. After our soup, we were invited up to the buffet. From Wurst to Schnitzel, Sauerkraut to Kartoffeln each of our plates were loaded to the absolute top with as much food as we could fit. After lunch, we were invited back to the buffet for dessert and oh was dessert amazing! With cakes, cakes, and more cakes, as well as chocolate mousse and delicious fruit, each and every student found themselves licking their lips and lining up for seconds and more.

After lunch we were all invited to join in different activities and dance. We were asked if anyone would back themselves to try to out yodel Herr Verhoeven. Taj instantly bounced off his chair and ran to the front to try his hand at yodeling.

The lady: “Knock, knock,”

Taj: “Who’s there?”

The lady: “Little old lady”

Taj: “Little old lady who?”

The entire class chuckled and we were trying the yodeling joke amongst ourselves. It was now that Herr Verhoeven showed off his yodeling skills putting all others to shame. We clapped and cheered as he bathed in the glory of greatest yodeler. A couple of students were then invited up to ring the cow bells and play a little tune. It was a lot of fun ringing the bells and humming along to the songs. It was after this that we loaded back into the bus and got ready for the ride home.

All and all it was a great day that got students out of the classroom and feeling more engaged in not just the language but the traditions and culture of Germany.

Connor McCall