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Welcome to our BSC. We, the members of the BSC Council, are excited to get started again and to ensure that you are all aware of the ways that you can become involved at our wonderful College.  Special welcome to all of the new parents/carers with secondary school children.  It’s quite the change from primary school but there are still many ways that you can stay connected and contribute to your new school.

Do you have particular Interests, Skills or Expertise that you could share?

At BSC we are always looking for members of our community who have special interests, skills or expertise that they could share, in some way, with our students.  There are some new projects we are keen to launch, such as the animals program, and the more hands the better !

Please name any interests, skills or expertise that you could potentially share with the College community.

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Don't forget the other more formal methods...

Bundoora Secondary College Council

As with all government schools in Victoria, school governance is overseen by a Council. In general terms, staff members and parent/carer members are elected to the Council for a two year term.  When parent/carer vacancies become available on Council, nominations are called for.  If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacant positions a ballot will be held and BSC parents/carers are asked to vote.

Being a Councillor is not for everyone.  There is an expectation that members attend the eight scheduled meetings per year, where possible.  It is, however, an excellent way to be a representative of all parents/carers and assist in policy review and development.

Education Subcommittee

The Education Subcommittee is a group of people who meet to discuss a range of school matters related to programs, reporting, education policies, engagement and more.  Joining this subcommittee is another great way to be involved ‘behind the scenes’ and contribute to the development of the College . The subcommittee meets eight times per year on Monday afternoons. Are you interested in joining the Education Committee?

The Parents’ Association is a committee governed Incorporated Association whose purpose is to support the students, community and operations of Bundoora Secondary College.

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