China Trip 2017

On the 2nd of July Vishnu, Renei, Liam and Milena were the lucky BSC students to embark on a journey to China, along with four other students from Deniliquin Highschool.

We travelled for a good 11 hours until we arrived at our final destination, Guizhou Minzhu University, which greeted us warmly with open arms. It was here were we meet our new buddies, who joined us in our week of adventures.


Our first full day in Guiyang commenced with an opening ceremony where we were welcomed into China by the officials and students of the school, followed by one of our performances which we were all nervous for but pumped it out with laughs and smiles on our faces.


The following days in the University gave us the opportunity to engage in the Chinese culture through workshops and traveling to local destinations. These included calligraphy, papercutting, traditional dancing, the Confucius Academy and some village markets with incredible views. This was evident in the breathtaking scenery at the Miao village which was complemented with their beautiful people and the delicious food which we ate a tonne of!


We have to say it was not only the chance to discover a new culture which was amazing but being able create connections with new people so effortlessly, as well as build stronger bonds with those we already knew. Everyone instantly clicked with each other and we are glad we got to spend this trip with the best crew.

This journey would not have happened without the generosity of the AES, for fully funding an experience we will never forget. And of course Ms Drake. We are all so grateful and can't thank you enough for giving us this opportunity by selecting our Bundy squad. We made the most amazing and memorable moments, had the best laughs and couldn't of thought of a better teacher to go with. So thank you again Ms Drake!!

We definitely recommend this trip to any students who are eligible in years to come. Don't be taken aback by being put out your comfort zone as you will come back with new friends, memories to cherish and you will grow as a person. You'll get told that this trip will change your perspective of the world and yourself but you want know what this truly means or the impact it will have on you until you have experienced a trip like this in person.