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At Bundoora Secondary College, we recognise that when it comes to education, one size does not fit all. That's why we've implemented Big Picture Education - to give our students more choice, more control and more pathways. 



what is Big Picture Education?

Big Picture is a learning design for everyone. Big Picture Education provides innovative learning environments, creates learning through passions and student design, and coaches educators to lead their schools and communities.

We recommend watching the below video for a closer look into what the Big Picture Program offers!

The BSC Big Picture Academy is defined by our commitment to educate ‘one student at a time… in a community of learners’. Our Big Picture Academy is based upon the premise that each child has unique interests, needs, and abilities that the educational program must take into account.


The key to achievement in a Big Picture Academy lies in fostering students’ individual interests, encouraging their active participation in the learning process, and developing their ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experience and challenges. See the graphic below about how these principles are applied in the program. 

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