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Welcome to the BSC Big Picture Academy


The Big Picture Academy is a program accessible to students when they enter PACE.

The academy is best suited for students who are able to take full control of their learning and display

high levels of self regulation, empowerment and discipline.  Entry is via application and interview.


The program is the ultimate in personalization with a students entire learning based around their interests and passion.


These are the four basic principles that have attracted us to the model:
1. Learning must be based on each student’s interests and needs.
2. Curriculum must be relevant to the students and allow them to do real work outside of school.
3. Students must connect to adult mentors outside the school who share the interests and support the learning of the students.
4. Students’ development and their abilities must be measured by the quality of their work and how this work changes them.


In Big Picture students learn together in small groups, called advisories, with an advisory teacher who guides the same group for a number of years. A parent or adult advocate of each student is also enlisted as an active resource for the school community. All students help create their own curriculum, a personal one, that reflects and expands their own interests and aspirations. The school days include off-campus internships generated from each student’s interests.

This real-life training could be in a law office, an arts studio, a research laboratory, a hospital, a national park … it could be anywhere.
Big Picture students also take on further education including courses in various certificates and at TAFE and university. Each term they exhibit their work to their advisory teacher, peers, parents, mentors and others in the community.




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